Friday, February 23, 2007

Threadless design rejected!

My design for a t-shirt was rejected. It was basically cause it was too detailed to put on a shirt. They said it was cause there could be no gradients or half tones. Now I know. I am determined to win at least once though and I am working on another design called "Red Propaganda" I drew a sketch for it sometime this past week and now I am working on a photoshop version. Almost done, just gotta add VINES. When I have time I will upload the pics of all the stuff I've done this week. I am also currently battleing a case of the Artists block...which I am working on...seems all I have to do is color some of my lines with markers to make the bad drawings look good, and I think I am gonna start drawing with a pencil again.
I go through periods where I will draw exclusively with Pens and then go to pencils.
It's back to pencils for me...and of course I am sticking with the markers!!

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