Thursday, October 18, 2007

Simple shapes

This was a little excerise I had to do for my 2D Design class. The first one was to do squares in Analogous colors and the second one was to do oversized letters in Complementary colors...I forgot to scan the third one which was an image of my choice , which i had to do in either analogous, triadic or Complimentary color. I did it in Triadic. I have to hand it in tommorow and do not have it on me to scan tonight sadly...when I get it back I will though. I learnt an extremly valuable lession just before I did this excersise and that was that I wasn't doing enough concept sketches. I am gonna get a really bad mark for my last assignment for which I did almost no concept sketches!! Stupid me! I did pages and pages of thumbnails for these and even after doing pages of it I am wondering if even that was enough..we shall see.

Anyways realizing the need to do loads and loads of concept sketches before going onto the final phase has really taught me a thing or two about creating a strong design!

I am gonna be designing a MUNNY doll soon also!! :D

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